Carmel Township Hall
661 Beech Highway
Charlotte, MI 48813

Carmel Township is a great place to be!

The first settlers of Carmel Township were Platt Morey and Nathan Brooks, who came in the winter of 1837-38. The Legislature of Michigan formally organized Carmel Township on March 21, 1839. Most of the early settlers were from New York and Vermont and were attracted to the township by its rich agricultural land. Carmel’s early history was identified with Charlotte, around which most of the principal settlements were made. Charlotte, in fact, was the place for township meetings of both Carmel and Eaton Townships for many years. The earliest industry was a brick and tile factory established in section 15 by the firm of Dunning and Chappell employing eight men.

The Risk Limiting Audit Video is available to view at the Township Hall upon request.
Please call 5179976132 to make an appointment.

 Welcome to Carmel Township!

Information for the November 3rd General Election

The following voting policy will be followed

  • Please wear a mask!
  • Maintain one-way traffic in building
  • Check your temperature (98.6F)
  • Use the hand sanitizer on entering the building
  • Wear Gloves that are furnished while voting
  • Social Distance with 6 feet (American Flags as guide)
  • Wipe down polling booth after use with sanitizing wipes
    • Each polling booth has wipes available
  • Deposit gloves and wipes in waste basket
  • Use the hand sanitizer on exiting the building
  • There is a 24 hour drop box located in front of the voting precinct at
    661 Beech Hwy
    Charlotte, MI 48813


November 19, 2020
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West Carmel and Millerburg Cemeteries

All winter blankets, wreaths, artificial flowers, etc. must be removed from the cemeteries by May 15, 2020. After that date they will be removed by the groundskeeper.

-Carmel Township Board