West Carmel Cemetery

West Carmel Cemetery

Carmel Township Cemetery Ordinance
West Carmel Cemetery Map

The first parcel of land comprising a three-fourths acre part of the present day West Carmel Cemetery was deeded by John Ells and Sally, his wife, to the Board of Health, Carmel Township on 2 June 1849. Latter the City of Charlotte deeded the same parcel to Carmel Township on 26 July 1871. On December 30, 1948 a segment was added of fifty-foot strip along the west side of the cemetery that was sold by Paul and Wilda Bust to Carmel Township.

West Carmel Cemetery is about six acres in size and located at the northwest corner of Ainger and Carlisle roads in section 18 of T2N, R5W, Eaton County, Michigan. Additionally, six acres has been set aside for expansion of the cemetery on the North East corner of Carlisle and Ainger Roads.

Millerburg Cemetery

Prior to 1870 the cemetery was used by the Potowatomi tribe and today is noted as a Native American Artifact on the Maps of the Federal Cencus Bureau. Rebekka Miller, a Potowatami native married Jacob Miller, Sr., a farmer of the property, and are both buried in Millerburg Cemetery whom the Cemetery is named after. The cemetery was formed as a private cemetery association with B.F. Bisel, L.D. Griest and William Casher as trustees.Two acres of land were purchased from Ira and Harriet M. Foster on April 14, 1873. First called “The Carmel Union Cemetery Association” came to become called Union or East Carmel Cemetery. In 1926 the cemetery was turned over to Carmel Township for administration and upkeep. Addional acreage was obtained in 1980 to total three acres today.

Costs are for Township Residents only.

Cemetery Plots Cost……$450.00
Opening/Closing Grave……..$550.00
Cremation Open/Close Grave…..$200.00


Community relatives are permitted to purchase a plot and/or lot when a Grand Parent, Parent, Brother, Sister, Aunt, or Uncle have purchased available space in either West Carmel Cemetery or Millerburg Cemetery. Prices subject to change without notice – call 517-543-9650 ext. 1