2018 Eaton County Road Commission
Proposed Projects for Carmel Township

2018 Millage Programs Projects

Repairs and Improvements: All Roads that are not under the state’s jurisdiction are exclusively controlled by the County Road Commission. The Township does not have any authority over the roads. Nor is the Township allowed to repair or rebuild a road.

Carmel Township assists the county road commission in road repair and rebuilding in the following ways:

  1. The road commission has agreed to match township contributions to re-gravel or sealcoat roads. There is a limit to the amount that will be matched each year.
  2. The residents living on an unimproved road can petition the road commission to establish a special assessment district to pay for road improvements. The Township can contribute to a Special Assessment District and the road commission will often match a portion of the township’s contributions.

Dust Control: There are many miles of unpaved roads in the Township. Townships are permitted, but not required, to apply dust control measures. In Carmel Township we provide dust control twice each year. This is standard for townships in Eaton County. The applications usually occur in mid-May and early August.

2018 Road Brining

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Brining of Roads will begin the first week of June and the second application will begin the second week of August.